Meet the people with the passion and the vision.


Rita S. Wilkins

CEO & Founder

Rita is the principal designer and visionary for The Good Life. She has owned and operated a highly successful interior design/ interior architecture firm for over 40 years. Her firm has implemented design projects throughout the United States. An expert in her field, she is a sought after speaker on lifestyle planning and is committed to improving lives through interior design







Aprile Parella

Investor Relations

As Founder of Roxy Communications, Aprile leads digital performance marketing strategy for clients around the world. With over 10 years of experience in the field of performance marketing for national and global retail brands such as JP Morgan Chase, Waterford Crystal, Wedgewood, Royal Daulton, Villeroy & Boch, Udis/Boulder Brands. Most recently was a finalist for the Raukuten Linkshare Golden Links OPM Agency of the Year for 2013.




Picture7John Harper

Chief Operating Officer

John has extensive and diverse real estate/ operations experience (Military/ Corporate/ Business). He created and executed major corporate initiatives at Hallmark, implemented sales strategies, lead corporate training initiatives at Steelcase.  His sustainability advisory firm focused on energy efficiency/ building systems for corporations/ neighborhood revitalization programs using a triple bottom line  approach to development.


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