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From Downsizing Boomers, a Flood of Donated Art

On a tour of the climate-controlled vaults of the Minnesota Historical Society — where the …

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Older Americans Are Retiring in Droves

More and more baby boomers begin the new year with nothing on their schedule but …

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Rent or Own, Here’s What Baby Boomers Want Next

A ‘new normal’ affordability and closer connections are what retiring Baby Boomers want from their …

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More Baby Boomers abandon the American Dream

Mortgages and homeownership may not be the American Dream as Baby Boomers begin moving into …

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Rent vs. Buy: The three questions Boomers should be asking themselves

Baby Boomers have become one of the major drivers of rental demand over the past …

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Mature Couple Toasting Champagne Flutes In New House

See Where Boomers Are Moving in the U.S.

As their assets begin to regain value, baby boomers are seeking more for their money …

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Senior Couple Smiling at Each Other on a Plane

AARP: Baby boomers, enjoying vacations, will travel often in 2017

Everyone loves vacation and, according to data collected by AARP, most baby boomers — those …

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Reverse Migration: How Baby Boomers Are Transforming City Living

It’s the traditional migratory circle of life: Young folks flock to the blazingly bright cities to make …

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Baby Boomers Abandon ‘Burbs for Bustling City Life

Baby Boomers, known for their two-car garages, white picket-fences, and glorious lawns are trading retirement …

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25 Great Places In 2016 To Follow Your Passions In Retirement

Chase Your Bliss Retirement is a time to pursue old passions you never had enough …

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